The Story Of U-Bake

The Beginning

Todd Utecht is a marketing innovator. He visualized and provided a need. In 1996 he developed an enterprise for Jan, his talented wife. Mixing his marketing skill with Jan's talent, Todd found what people wanted. He gave them time and tradition. Todd created U-Bake.

U-Bake gives people time by providing a quick alternative to spending countless hours in the kitchen mixing and preparing foods from scratch. We all want to provide great tasting, quality foods for ourselves and our families but who has the time for that?

U-Bake gives people tradition by filling homes full of fresh baked smells - the same smells many of us grew up with. The smell of freshly baked bread or pie was once an everyday occurrence in homes across America. As times have changed, these aromas have all but disappeared from our kitchens. U-Bake aims to change that - reviving the baking tradition.

U-Bake Today

Think you can't bake because you don't have the time or expertise? Think again! U-Bake is here to simplify your already hectic life by providing you a hand in the kitchen! With U-Bake there's no measuring ingredients or recipe reading necessary, merely select the portion to heat and serve.

U-Bake has the country's largest selection of frozen cookie, pastry, and bread doughs, and a full line of bulk foods! Be sure to check with your local U-Bake for a complete list of items which often includes local seasonal products.

We sell the best cinnamon rolls in town! They come in petite, regular and jumbo sizes. And don't forget the cream cheese frosting for a taste that's beyond compare!

U-Bake is the perfect partner for your bake sale or school fundraiser. Contact your local store for options which can really help you rake in the "dough!" We do all the work, U-Bake all the fun! Hope to see you soon!

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We sell the best cinnamon rolls in town!